Welcome to Oh, Buttah

Welcome to Oh, Buttah

If you're reading this... hey girl! I'm literally so happy you're here. Seriously! I contemplated starting a blog. Only because in the world of technology, no one slows down anymore. I want to start this blog to better educate my community and customers. Social Media is so quick and to the point. Here were going to take our time and give my website some personality. I want you to have a better understanding of what and who Oh, Buttah is all about.

Like everyone else, I started Oh, Buttah in the middle of a pandemic. No Job and a lot of free time on my hands. This may sound cliché but God blessed me with this business and the idea. I never could've imagine I would be running a bath and body products brand...like ever! But it happened and it gave me a bigger purpose in life. 

Oh, Buttah is more than just a business to me. It's a purpose--- to inspire, help, and educate other women and people everywhere. Of course I have my own struggles with skincare--- acne, hidradenitis suppurativa, and hyperpigmentation. 

But it all lead me to be here. To create a brand where I can have natural ingredients AND smell good. Being a women that has tried everything, even prescribed brands, nothing would work. 

But you know what did? Natural ingredients. Oh, Buttah products. I know you're wondering how can fragranced products work?!? Trust me... they work. Check the reviews. 

Oh, Buttah products are 99% raw, natural ingredients. And there's a difference between refined and unrefined ingredients (we'll go more into depth one day) but trust and believe we only use raw, unrefined ingredients. 1% being fragrance oil. Unlike most brands, fragrance oils are the last and least ingredient in our products. So don't be shocked when the hyperpigmentation lightens, or your skin starts having a better glow. We value freshness, raw, quality ingredients and of course our customers. 

With a consistent routine, you will see results. And we're ready to become your everyday self care brand so what are you waiting for Buttah Babe?



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